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Uni inform Human Resources Network Matters

When you register , or log on to the website in the future to maintain your biographical information, you are deemed to have read the following in advance and agree to abide by the following [ hereinafter " seekers " referred to individually fill out the online curriculum vitae of job seekers ; Uni-President Enterprises human Resources Network places "Site" referred to ; President Enterprises Corp. Ji Qi affiliates are referred to as " Uni-President Group ( Note ) " ]:

An informing matters
Under the Personal Data Protection Act and related regulations, Uni-President Enterprises Corporation stipulate inform the following matters :
  1. Collect personal information Company : Uni-President Enterprises Corporation .
  2. The purpose of collecting : personnel administration.
  3. categories of personal information include: the identification of profile categories, feature class , family situation , social situation , education, Examination , technical or other professional , employment situation ... etc. ( specific items such as an online resume , and by the job seekers upload, the applicant provided information ( such as qualifications, school performance ... etc. Any file format ) content or matters listed ) . ( " Candidates" in the "Site" fill in or provide such personal information, are considered " seekers " have agreed to provide this information to the " Uni-President Group " in the recruitment process and use of the range , in addition, if the "Job Search those who " do not fill out personal information project, " Uni-President Enterprises Group " are to decide whether to inform the interview , have the right to judge for themselves . )
  4. Personal Data Utilization of: Since the " seekers " finally "Site" for personal information or maintenance of the registry within two years of the date .
  5. use of personal data objects : " Uni-President Group " in recruiting manpower at the time of the company related to personnel.
  6. use of personal data region: " Uni-President Enterprises Group" the geographical location of the companies .
  7. Personal Data utilization methods : Internet , e-mail , writing , and faxing .
  8. " seekers " Personal Data Protection Act by Article III may exercise the rights and manner : " seekers " have a query through the website , read, copy the download to supplement or correct the curriculum vitae ( including the job seekers upload to provide information on the candidates ) content ; related request to stop the collection, processing, use , or delete resume content section , " job seekers " was in non- holiday times with the "Site" management personnel contacts , Monday to Friday, 8:00 to 17 : 00 , please contact 06-253-6789 ext 6431 , or via email message .
Second, the " seekers " biographical information collection, processing, use and international transport
" Candidates" agreed to " seekers " in the "Site" Login biographical and personal information , free and unconditional offer to " Uni-President Group " in human recruiting business within a reasonable collection, processing, use and international transport . ( Ie , not limited to " seekers " in the "Site" Login or maintain personal information of a specific duty . )

Third, the protection of " seekers " data security measures
"Site" will be based on the relevant laws and regulations and has constructed the perfect measures to protect the security of personal information seekers .

Fourth, the " job " of the responsibilities and obligations
  1. " Seekers " Securing Login biographical and personal information ( including photos and other additional file contents ) , no unauthorized use of another person's name or untrue provide ; knowingly provide false if the personal information of the damage caused by others , must be borne by the related civil and criminal penalties ; if the resulting " Uni Group" of damage, and should bear the relevant responsibility .
  2. " Candidates" Securing Login resume the various elements were confirmed by the filled and no false information , indecent , violation of social good morals , or inconsistent with the resume objective circumstances , if the other person has been identified or report , this site has the right to inform the " job ", the diameter of the line to remove or refuse to resume their login .
  3. " Seekers " understand and agree not to password leaks , delivery , lend, transfer to third parties ; Ruoyin " seekers " negligence , causing my resume and personal data leakage , altered, or otherwise unlawful use of the result should be that the " job " I bear .
  4. " Candidates" understanding, in the "Website" Sign of job openings and candidates , " Uni-President Group " before the election may, depending on need , together I interviewed , incompatibility due to the large number of applicants , without notice.

These matters I have switched aware and informed consent , and the other information I provide , the Company may agree to the relevant third party verification , if the information provided by the third party other than himself, including personal data , I have been ( or will be ) in an appropriate way that the third party knows , understands and agrees to inform matter content.

( Note ) The above mentioned " unified enterprise group " means a unified Enterprise Co., Ltd. and the following companies : President Chain Store Corporation , Nanlien International Corp. , President International Development Corp. , Ton Yi Industrial Corp. , Tung Ho Development Corp. , President Fair Development Corp. , Uni-President Department Store Corp. , President Entertainment Corp. , President Baseball Team Corp. , Tone Sang Construction Corp. , Retail Support International Corp. , President Logistics International Corp. , President Drugstore Business Corp. , Uni-President Vendor Corp. , President Kikkoman Inc. , President Nisshin Corp. , Tait Marketing & Distribution Co., Ltd. , Uni-President Cold-Chain Corp. , President Packaging Corp. , Uni-President Glass Industrial Co., Ltd. , President Natural Industrial Corp. , Tung Ang Enterprises Corp. , Uni-President Dream Parks Corp. , Taiwan Millennium Health Love Foundation , Presco Netmarketing Inc. , President Tokyo Auto Leasing Corp. , Uni-Wonder Corp. , Mister Donut Taiwan Corp. , Uni-President Oven Bakery Corp. , 21 Century Enterprise Co., Ltd. , Cold Stone Creamery Taiwan, Ltd. , Uni-President Superior Commissary Corp. , President Being Corp. , President Pharmaceutical Corp. , President Information Corp. , Uni-President Organics Corp. , President Transnet Corp. , Mech-President Corp. , Co., Ltd. , Wisdom Distribution Service Corp. , Q-ware Systems & Services Corp. , icash Payment Systems Ltd. , President Chain Store Corporation Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd. , Duskin Serve Taiwan Co. , Uni-President Enterprises(China)Investment Co., Ltd. , Uni-President (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. , Uni-President (Thailand) Ltd. , Uni-President (Philippines) Corp. , Kunshan President Kikkoman Biotechnology Co., Ltd.